Spend more time with your students and less time worrying about payments with GoCardless + Martialytics.

Who needs to be doing payments admin when there’s a dojo to run?

We’ve buddied up with GoCardless to bring you a flexible Direct Debit solution that cuts through admin and keeps your members coming back for more.

Offer flexible payment options, sign up new members in minutes and enjoy super low fees that will keep your rates competitive - all from within Martialytics.

Reduce admin time

Cut out the manual processes, automate the mandate creation process then manage and automatically reconcile all your payments from within Martialytics.

Better experience

Offer your students flexible payment options, collect membership fees on any day and even take one-off payments for extras like classes, events and in-store purchases.

1% transactions

Low fees with no set up costs, hidden fees or charges for failed payments.

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GoCardless helps over 75,000 businesses to take Direct Debit payments

Already saving money by using GoCardless?

Simply use our handy Martialytics + GoCardless Mandate Matching Tool to automatically match all your customers already using GoCardless with your students in Martialytics in minutes.

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