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Our features

Designed for pure simplicity and to get out of your way.

We're all about saving you time without being complicated so that you can focus on teaching - with the confidence that your business is being looked after.

Student Management

  • Smart filters and sorting in your Student List
  • Beautiful student profile with all details easily accessible at a glance
  • Custom Tags
  • Multiple plans, misc. payments and simple management all round!

Automated Billing

  • Credit and Debit card payment processing as well as ACH and Direct Debit
  • Recurring Plans, Passes, Classes and Events
  • Add family discounts, one off payments and more
  • Schedule payments and set end dates. You have complete control

Chat, Email & SMS Messages

  • Bulk Email & SMS
  • Live 1:1 chat with students in the Student App complete with push notifications (like WhatsApp!)
  • Automations and email flows
  • Utilise the powerful Student List filters to quickly segment your students and send to all


  • Set up legal agreements
  • Collect digital signatures
  • Leads can also sign agreements
  • Students can sign on their own devices neatly within their signup flow!

QR Code Signups

  • Revolutionary One Touch Sign Up system
  • Collect all student information including profile photo, signed waiver and payment all in one place
  • Streamline your onboarding, send links via any medium you like
  • Branded to your school - students love it!

Sell Equipment

  • Tablet based POS system
  • Used saved customer card details to streamline sales
  • Track stock levels
  • Easily identify your best sellers through comprehensive reporting
  • eCommerce suite coming soon

Nurture Leads

  • Complete CRM functionality
  • Collect leads using our Leads Widget on your website
  • Set up Automated email campaigns and flows
  • Set follow up reminders and record contact notes
  • Sign waivers and book trial classes

Student App

  • Branded to you
  • Students can check in to classes
  • Class and event bookings
  • Upload videos, PDFs and images so students can study at home
  • Chat 1:1 to your instructor
  • Post articles and blog posts to the Home Screen
  • Available on iOS and Android


  • Smart Traffic Light System showing whether students are Ready to Grade, Almost Ready or Not Ready to Grade
  • Easily group your students by ability based on classes attended, time spent at their rank or both!
  • Record grading notes against each rank
  • Quickly select groups and promote them in one click
  • Send yourself a report that includes Belt Colours and Size so you know exactly what to order

Study Online

  • Upload video, image or PDF content to each rank
  • Students can see their rank and below
  • Viewable in your Student App
  • A great way to refresh and engage your students even when they're not training with you in person
  • Also an additional revenue stream if you choose!

Attendance & Kiosk Mode

  • Keep track of your students' engagement levels at a glance
  • Check students in via Kiosk Mode, Admin Mode and they can even check themselves in on the Student App!
  • Attendance leaderboard feature allows you to see who has the most attendances over any period of time
  • Easily export attendance data
  • Automatically send messages to absent students

Bookings & Events

  • Create recurring classes and one-off events
  • Track attendees and manage capacity levels
  • Set prices and invite students to seminars, events and gradings
  • Easily let students know if a class is cancelled
  • Students can book in via your website, the Student App or via invitation only

Live Reporting Dashboard

  • Insanely detailed reports
  • All data is exportable for re-cutting and segmentation
  • Review key metrics for the health of your business
  • Deep dive into your numbers over time and compare them easily
  • Map your students and plan new locations

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